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About Wreake Properties Limited

The company's five year plan is to create medium and long term investment opportunities in areas currently undergoing urban or rural regeneration

Based in Birmingham and Leicestershire, its activities involve capitalising on the Government's stated objectives, via Property Investment Funds, to encourage greater public investment and hence participation in physical regeneration. By also having regard to such initiatives as the Regional Housing Strategies and the Sustainable Communities Plan, Wreake Properties will seek out projects which provide investors with the opportunity to invest in projects in their own region

Mark Newcombe has spent over twenty years as a lawyer, advising clients across the residential and commercial property spectrum, both in the public and private sector. He has a genuine passion to see even greater improvement to the built environment in the Midlands region

Involved as a Trustee of the National Space Centre since before it obtained Millennium Commission funding, this flagship Midlands regeneration project is as good an example as any of the need to be bold and tenacious to create worthwhile results for local and regional communities

Clive Pitts joined the Company in early 2005 with a particular remit to develop and drive the Rural Business Parks concept (see under Projects) and brings a wealth of expertise gained over more than 25 years in the property sector

Having access to appropriate flexible funding, Wreake Properties is in a position to start the dialogue with potential partners and third party participants, in both the urban and rural sectors